Jan 22, 2011

The Shiny Legacy - Ch. 1.4 - Caitlin Shiny

Alright! So I guess I WILL be posting that double-whammy this weekend! YAAAAAAY!

We left off just after Justin and Caitlin got home from Champs le Sims, and here's Caitlin playing video games on the uber shiny TV :D

Justin was at work as a ghost hunter, thinking about the pool in the backyard of his rich client's house.

Oh yeah, you like my Ghost Busters uniform!
(Got it here: http://nene.modthesims.info/download.php?t=417070)

Caitlin was at home asleep, cold and alone. Screw you, stupid night time hours in the Ghost Hunter profession!!!

So the next morning Caitlin got up early and started making waffles. She was hungry, and she was back on the job, too. Justin had work, but he had those cursed night time hours.

He needed logic for work, so he played chess until his job called upon him later that evening.

Caitlin on her Kenspa.

Angry Caitlin on her Kenspa.

Caitlin's first job was to do a 'Powder Room' for Dudley Racket. "What with being a germophobe," he wanted mirrors, sinks, toilets and the such to be replaced. He also asked for a sculpture, so I got creative and have him a bowl of plastic fruit for his kitchen counter. He liked it :D
(Bowl of Plastic Fruit from Fuzzy Logic Dish Washer: http://fuzzylogicdishwasher.blogspot.com/2011/01/sims-2-conversion-bowl-of-plastic-fruit.html)

Ironically so, Caitlin got her baby bump as she was about to begin work on a baby bedroom for Lord knows who, I forget xD Anyway, I had her screw the renovations and head home. All in a day's work. Sort of. She only did one house xD

Back at home, I had Caitlin working on her relationship with Amy Bull. That odd little squirrel fascinates me, so I thought we should both get to know her a little better :)
Odd little squirrel? Understatement of the millennium. She randomly started bantering about, of all things, fashion. And how most people don't have it. I was THIS CLOSE to just telling her to can it because she has zip fashion sense, but then she started talking about how swirly things are awesome. Seriously, she needs to see someone.


Justin finally got home, as he is dreaming of it, and Caitlin is dreaming of their new child. <3

According to Justin's skill journal, he already has level four of the inventing skill, so I had him work on that.

In the back, I had Caitlin chatting a little more with Amy Bull. What are today's discoveries, Caitlin?
Well, she has the Artistic trait. Go figure. She just loves her colors and patterns. Oh, and she likes to fall off the trampoline. I wonder if that has anything to do with her permanent brain damage?
It's possible that has something to do with it. She has the insane trait! Stupid stupid stupid!
Oh, nothing...

Oh yes well isn't that safe.

With a flourishing flash of colorful sparks, Justin invented the Rotation Pull. It is now proudly displayed on a table in the living room.

Is Amy Bull frustrating you dear?
YES! She cannot grasp the concept of 'Babies grow INSIDE their mothers.' She seems to think that you do the deed and then some sort of 'Baby Delivery Man/Woman' pops up at your front door a few days later.
It's alright, hun, just calm down. There's no need to headdesk.
(In game, she literally, headdesk'd six times in a row! xD )

Another night of work for Justin. He may be exorcising that table, but I think he needs to exorcise himself.

Yeah... 'Nuff said.

You can't say that doesn't look flippin' AWESOME!

Day three, and the belly's gettin' big!

So I sat Caitlin down to talk to Amy Bull again...

...only for her to get up three seconds later because she was going into labor.

Riding to the Twinbrook hospital in a Taxi...
You know how sims always freak out when they see another sim in labor, and the sims standing in front of the hospital when your prego sim walks by always freak?

Take a good hard look at this face. Precious! xD

I now introduce to you...

Makani Shiny
Name: Makani is the Hawaiian name for Wind, My Sweet Melody
Traits: Friendly, Eccentric
Comments: I love his complection <3 He's going to be an inventor just like his daddy.

And I leave you here. So it looks like I AM going to squeeze two chapters this weekend! YAAAAAAY! I don't know about you, but I <3 Makani! He's adorable, even though he's a generic babyface! xD His lips look different than I've ever seen on a baby though. Oh, please don't birth defect...
New chappy tomorrow

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