Jan 15, 2011

The Shiny Legacy - Ch. 1.2 - Caitlin Shiny

Welcome back to the Shiny Legacy! Sorry for the delay :( As you may or may not know, I've been doing some major CC downloads lately. I must've downloaded something that really screwed my game, so it took a little while to fix. Anyway, on with the show!

We left off with Catlin on her way to the Little Coriscan Bistro to meet up with Justin Kayes, her boyfriend. She was making this face at the Taxi driver the whole ride, so my two guesses are: a) She was full of determination, or b) She didn't like the Taxi driver.
How about c) The Taxi driver had the ugliest hair in the world? She had pigtails. PIGTAILS!!! WHAT GROWN WOMAN WEARS PIGTAILS?!
*Mumbling* The kind that will be at your wedding...
Oh, nothing...

Caitlin and Justin had a wonderful romantic evening. Or afternoon, anyway... The only other people at the Bistro were that tourist in between Caitlin and Justin in the background and that creepy woman with too much makeup who looks like she just noticed that the back of Caitlin's head looked really good or something. She's very intently staring at it...
Note that Justin's formal does not have shoes. -_-

The two are very clearly enjoying themselves.

Hard work payed off, and Caitlin finally got to what she'd been working towards the whole evening.


Poof! Magically, a ringbox appears!
Crowd: Oooooh! Aaaaaaah!

Caitlin: Will you marry me?

Justin: Zoh mah goodness! YEEEEEEEES!

And there you have it. Justin is forever trapped in The Shiny Legacy.

A moment of bliss.

Caitlin woke up the next morning. She had work, but I screwed it. We had a wedding to have! (?)

Old formal wear.

New formal wear.

Caitlin called up everyone she knew (so pretty much all of the clients she's ever served and a few other misc.) to meet her at the local beach (forget what the Twinbrook Beach is called) at noon for the wedding. And off she went.

After making a few fixes to the beach (i.e. the attached benches) I sent Caitlin over to get herself comfortable while waiting for guests. It was 8:10, so there was a long wait. I had Caitlin make hot dogs in this long wait because she was hungry.

Sad Caitlin is sad.

She made fail hot dogs.

I had Caitlin try again and yay! She won!
You have NO idea how frustrating it is to make hot dogs on that stupid park grill! IT SET MY HOT DOGS ON FIRE

Buuuuuuuuut then my combined park benches didn't work. Let that be a moveobjects on lesson to ya, kids. Attaching benches doesn't work.
Yeah, and thanks for that! I was REALLY starving that day!

Happy Caitlin is happy.

In the end, I had her make some drinks for herself because for some reason, drinks bring the hunger meter up.

While Caitlin was pouring her drinks, this... self-confident young woman strode onto the beach. I love using the top and bottoms from Lili Sims together, but just the bottoms is...
Scarring. I am scarred for life. That image will forever be imprinted in my brain. You may think it's funnny because I'm just a bunch of pixels to you, but imagine seeing something like that in YOUR DIMENSION. VERY SCARY.

More news of creepy creepers. This guy here tried to kiss Caitlin. On the lips. She was just finishing a drink when all of the sudden the "Be Smooched" action appeared in her cue with this guy's face. As it could be more obvious that she was NOT single. This guy was invited to her WEDDING.
He just walked up the me and puckered. YOU got some forewarning. I was just sitting there and finishing off a drink, I get up from my bar stool and this guy tries to get all up in my face. And you wouldn't believe how ugly this guy is close u- WAAAAAIT. You got forewarning. You're like the Sim God or something. WHY DIDN'T YOU CANCEL THE ACTION?!
I just wanted to see how you would react. That's all.
I WOULD kill you, but we live in completely different dimensions.

Then, Miss Colorful showed up (EA sure had fun making this one)...

And promptly started screaming at all of the party guests.

And through all of this pandemonium, I finally spotted him off to the side. Justin Kayes.

Justin giving Caitlin her ring.

Caitlin giving Justin his ring.


Yaaaaaaay rice.
Alright, so I'll take this time to explain a bit of basic stuff that happened during the wedding. I moved Caitlin and Justin into Justin's place (as I stated before, it's my legacy and I'll do as I please, I will not be following the official rules). I moved his two roommates into Caitlin's old house. You know the one with the really pink bedroom that has only a single (pink) double bed in it? Yeah, that one xD I also thought this wedding was the fit occasion to give the two of them makeovers. The following will be the results.

While trying a few shorter hairs on Justin, I made the discovery that he had... ears. To say the least.

I now present to you, Justin Shiny. The hat looks good on him and it hides his 'problem' wonderfully. :3

And now for the new Caitlin. You can't see it, but I also changed her face paint from stars to hearts to honor her status as a newly wed.

Welcome to Champs le Sims, France, the honeymoon vacation hot spot.

This was supposed to be a closing picture of our two love birds making out on their honeymoon, but animations glitched and it looked like Caitlin was nomming Justin's forehead and Justin was trying to eat Caitlin's cleavage. Wonderful, I know.
Well, that concludes Ch. 2 of The Shiny Legacy. Caitlin and Justin are honeymooning in Champs le Sims for three days. I'm actually quite excited. This will be my first visit to Champs le Sims, so I'll definitely be keeping these two busy doing all sorts of crap that I will be utterly fascinated by. Next chapter soon, and don't worry, I'll lay off the CC!

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