Jan 20, 2011

The Shiny Legacy - Ch. 1.3 - Caitlin Shiny


Welcome to the Gen. 1 Honeymoon Special of the Shiny Legacy! Today we look at Caitlin and Justin in Champs le Sims!

Yes, that's right, out herons now have a car! :D This Sloppy Jalopy just happened to be in Justin's pocket when they got married xD

Caitlin not believing that she's married while Justin buys berries for nectar.

The grapes are in... (5 Cherinola Blan and 5 Renoit each)

And they're off to the races!

Justin was the first to fall!

Followed my Caitlin less than a second after!

Aaaaaand done!

Mixing it up...


Caitlin still not believing she's married.

Yaaaaaay! Nectar!

I had the two visit the local Bistro, but there was nothing to do so I had them go to the Art Museum! (Yay.)

My favorite exhibit, you ask?




Caitlin STILL not believing she's married.

Justin lit the fire of the lot above the Nectary while Caitlin 'got ready for bed,' ifyaknowwhatImean ;)

Lurve <3

More lurve <3

I had the two eat at the local Bistro that morning. Justin had crepes while Caitlin had a cheese platter :D

Caitlin STILL thinks her ring is emensely shiny.

Caitlin and Justin made a trip to the local General Store and I bought them a tent, a shower-in-a-can (which I later found out was a waste of money because I didn't know it only had one use), and I bought each of them Kenspas (because scootery things are awesome :D ).

I was getting REALLY bored by this point, so i decided to have them explore the tombs below their camp, so here are a few pictures of that.

Hey! You promised me you wouldn't show that one!
No comment...

And Caitlin still just cannot grasp the concept that she is married.

Tent woohoo over ancient burial grounds!

A beautiful scene (ruined by Plumbobs D: ) <3

They returned to the lodge the next morning for a final morning meal of ice cream,

Before they returned to their normal lives at home.

I'm sorry if this was a boring chapter, guys, it was certainly boring for me to play (hence the fact I sent them home fairly early). Also, I actually had these pictures Sunday night, but I was booted from my laptop because it was getting too late. Then you know what happened? LittleBigPlanet 2 Collecter's Edition. That's what happened. AND IT'S FREAKING AWESOME.
Just one more day and I'll have the weekend to stay up late doing the next chapter (maybe two, one Friday and one Saturday, but don't bet on it). Either way, I apologize if this was a bore, but lesson learnt: Champ le Sims is boring. Plain and simple.

Just another note, but I was thinking of changing the blog's name to The Late Night Simmer since I do most of my work between 10:00 PM and 12:00 AM. Yes or no? Check out the new pole up top.

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