Jan 30, 2011

A Fail of the Most Epic Sort


Alright, everybody. Get ready.

Alright, so in the above The Mare's Nest post. Alexurt/Alexurt1 was exposed of lying and digging herself into a hole so deep that only a five mile ladder could save her from. And even if this five mile ladder were to make an appearance, it would be a very old and broken one, because if Alexurt plans on making a recovery, it'll be a long and bumpy road for her.
She has deliberately lied, deceived, and tampered with information databases to 'prove' that she 'did' buy those SimPoints in October and was 'not' using the glitch in the Store to acquire thousands of SimPoints. When, in fact, all  proof in The Mare's Nest's article points that she was NOT the owner of the business she works for, as claimed.
This whole issue is pathetic, for Alexurt to think she could lie to a mass amount of people about information displayed publicly on the internet.
The Mare's Nest effectively proved that she created an account and registered with her business on Manta the EXACT same day as she posted her 'expose on The Mare's Nest'-what a jolly load of crap that was. The only person she was exposing was herself.
In the mean time, she was stupid enough to give personal contact information online to people who were extremely P.O.'d at her. Oh, yes, she's the cream of the crop.
As for the whole issue of who gave away the information on the private post? I have my suspicions. I will not state them here, I don't want to start a flame war, but I will give a hint: their username showed up on the list of people given the password for the private message and the list of people who believed the 'expose' Alexurt posted upon being told this information. Look closely.

Thus is the end of my small rant on Alexurt and the recent happenings.

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