Jan 27, 2011

The Latest, The Greatest, The DUMBEST IDEA EVER!!!!!!!!!

Alright. So take a look in the sets section of the Store. Look at the list of new sets, and what do you see? A new set called Olympian Physique. Take a look at this set. Looks dapper, doesn't it? Sounds pretty fancy, too. And to top it all off, EA's first Store lot comes with new items! Neat-o!
[Click to enlarge]
But wait! Look a little closer. beside the Buy button... HOLY SHIZNITS WTH 1000 SIMPOINTS?!?!?!
Seriously, EA? 1000 Simpoints for a lot that looks really fancy, has a nice gym, and comes with a few new items? Really, think about it. Barnacle Bay was 1650 and it came with... I'm not sure exactly how many lots, but at LEAST ten, I think. (Can anyone confirm? Thanks <3 ) Now they think they can charge 1000 Simpoints for a SINGLE lot?! That, my dear friends, is REDICULUS!
I would just like to give the Shoddy Money-Grabbers Award to EA for their WONDERFUL effort to suck as much money out of us that they possibly can with as little work as possible. Congrats, EA.

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