Jan 16, 2011

I REALLY don't like my computer now.

So I was just playing sims, experimenting with Champs le Sims and taking some shots for the next Shiny Legacy chapter. It was almost noon the first day when my game started freezing. And then it crashed. And now my whole comp's being really slow. So at least I know it's not my game :/ After posting this, I'm going to shut down my computer and boot it back up. Not just restart it, shut it down and leave it for a few seconds before starting it up again. More later. But for now, I took this pic earlier. This is my daughter in one of my other files. She just aged into a YA. Her name is Aariane and her traits are Dramatic, Virtuoso, Artistic... well, I forget the rest, but her LTW is Master of the Arts and I got her a job in the music career.
<3 My baby...

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