Jan 23, 2011

The Shiny Legacy - Ch. 1.5 - Caitlin Shiny

Welcome back to the Shiny Legacy. We left off with Makani Shiny being born. This is his room. I added the crib, toy box and shelf with firetruck into the inventor's bedroom, seeing as he's eccentric.

I usually age up babies as soon as I bring 'em home, and this is no different.


Oh dear God.
That may be my son you're insulting, but I agree. My dimension's age randomizer has horrible choice of clothing. What about your dimension's age randomizer?
Things work a little different around these parts. We don't have the same aging system.
Hm. Interesting.

Much better :) Although the nose could use a bit of work...

Settling down after a hard day. <3
The PJ's were actually the computer's random choice. Not too bad, eh?

I thought that the first child was a good makeover excuse xD
Alright, so Caitlin barely wore her wedding makeover and it's already gone. I've decided this is how it's going to work:
- Makeover after first child      - Makeover after adult b-day
I will attempt to resist other temptations xD

So around four or five in the morning, Maki started screaming bloody murder about hunger and social.

Yet that routine went out the window as soon as mommy came in. He got this huge smile like :D

Maki's POV

Next day. Justin worked on over clocking this computer. Over clocking apparently consists of holding the side of the monitor and jabbing the air with a screw driver.

And I wonder what Miss Caitlin is up to?
You know, I don't know why you torture me like this. You have it out for me, don't you?
Yes, she's chatting it up with Amy Bull again. So how are things going? Not too good, by the looks of it.
She keeps insisting that horses are fake and unicorns are real. Horses are apparently either unicorns hiding their horn or unicorns that got shunned and had their horn cut off from dishonoring their tribe. Dear God, what is wrong with you? Why do you make me talk to her?
Patience is a virtue, dear. :)

I had Justin inventing while Maki napped in his crib. Caitlin? Bah, I forget what she was doing.
I was being tortured by Amy Bull. Remember?

Makani woke up hungry, so I had Caitlin feeding him in the high chair downstairs when I heard a massive boom from upstairs. I check it out, and Justin got electrocuted.

Next day. I had Maki potty trained the day before, but I forgot to take shots. Sorry guys :P

More inventing...

Heading to bed after a long day's work :) Maki learned to talk.

Next day. Caitlin teaching Makani to walk. While Justin, of course...

... inventing.
By now, Justin was at level six and knew how to make Rotation Pull, Smasher, Drinking Llama, Claw Dipper, Tentacle Wind Up and Floor Hygenator. I think I'm going to have him master the inventing skill, even though his LTW is to master logic and handiness and he needs logic for work.

"This food... It's... Rather delectable."

Kicking ghost buttocks. Buttocks is a funny word :D

And that concludes this chapter of the Shiny Legacy.

Not too much happening current moment. Caitlin still on maternity leave, Justin inventing a bunch of crap and huntin' ghosties, Makani learning life skills. Oh, and he learned to walk, so he's ready to age up :D But it'ss need to wait four days for his actual birthday.

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