Jan 28, 2011

Over the Past Few Days

I've accumulated alot of pictures from the past few days because my household's DL/UL limit was almost over, but it refreshed at midnight :D So here are a few game pictures:
Puuuuuurty :]

My Private Investigator sim staking out in the abandoned second floor of the salon xD

Well, ain't he bootiful? xD That looks like female clothing on a male body! I'm not even sure if it's a girl of a boy... His name is Natzo or something like that xP Either WA or some other CC I got made that hair available for females, so I'll never know...

This was my sim's first time ever cooking on a stove. Great results, eh? xD
But, alas, my game crashed :'( and I lost ALL of my progress. Forty-five minutes out the window. Yaaaaaaaaaay.

And that's pretty much it. See ya later. SAD FACE.

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