Jan 9, 2011

The Shiny Legacy - Ch. 1.1 - Caitlin Shiny

Welcome to the first chapter of the Shiny Legacy! Here is our founder (whose thoughts talking to me will be in italics):
Name: Caitlin Shiny
Traits: Family Oriented, Artistic, Bookworm, Hot Headed, Photographer's Eye
Favorites: Cookies, Lilac, Custom
Star Sign: Aries
Just before we start the legacy, I will NOT be following official rules. You may not have noticed, but I moved her into a pre-made house. Always remember, CAST is a very important tool in design. I managed to remake the entire house, only buying very few things. Oh, and I deleted the entire basement and added a laundry room off the side of the kitchen, so instead of 33 Simoleons to renovate with, I had somewhere over 5000 xD But I resisted using those 5000 Simoleons! And she still has lots o' money! Anyways, let's get started.

Caitlin just went in and got herself a job as a interior designer. Correct?
Well, actually, they're calling it architectural designer, but I think that's stupid because every once in a while you'll get the rare "Change my Windows and Doors" opportunity, but it's mostly interior designing.
Well said.

So after getting a job, I had Caitlin go to the local library. It was empty, as is obvious. People started arriving shortly after, but they were either married or ugly. (Imagine, ugly people in Twinbrook...)

The next closest place was the Laundromat, so that was the next place to try. The only two people there were these two dancers.

And my guess is that our lovely foundress couldn't care less, seeing as she was completely off in her own world.

Next place over was the gym, where I found this fine specimen. His clothes could use a bit of an overhaul, but he looked like he had good genes.

I had her approach the man, whose name turned out to be Justin Kayes.

They chatted up up, and he seemed to be listening.

He enjoyed making funny faces with Caitlin.

Flirty flirt flirt...
A little bit into her 'shameless' flirting, Justin had to go pee, so he walked away xD I don't think he got to pee. I cut him off. So...

New setting, and all of that flirting payed off. It was around eight o'clock, so it was a hard day's work. Justin Kaynes was now her boyfriend.
He technically wasn't until the next screenshot.
Thank you, Caitlin. *sarcasm sarcasm*

NOW we're officially boyfriend and girlfriend.
Yes, now it was official, Caitlin and Justin were in a relationship. She proposed going steady and he accepted.

Well, Justin peed right before she was going to propose. Yaaaaaaay.
Still, you have no idea how funny it was to watch a grown man pee his pants!
He's still your boyfriend!
And despite that fact, it's still funny to watch a grown man pee his pants!

I guess peeing himself in public got him into a bad mood, because after that Justin stopped accepting any romantic interactions.

At least he let her kiss him goodbye.

So I had Caitlin go home. By the time she arrived, it was  11:30 and she was pretty tired after all of that flirting. It was at that point I realised that I had forgotten to buy laundry hampers, so I did that right before she hit the sack.

Work started the next day, and when Caitlin woke up, all of her needs were good. I sent her to her sketch table to 'Research Architectural Design' until work opportunities came up.

I made this art room for... Um, that creepy girl who's dressed in red and orange and blue etc. and she's got pigtails and too much makeup? Yeah, her. I even threw in a bonus laptop and she didn't like it! Yeesh!

This was a 'Book Nook' for... that guy with the black hair that lives with Penny Pincher? Yeah, him. There wasn't enough room for be to build an extra room so I placed all of the furniture around this room. And the bookshelves? He wanted four. You can't see them? I can. That's because they're those four books on the coffee table. It's called the Book of Knowledge and it's pretty much a book that acts like a bookshelves. Same amount of storage and all! Check it out: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=404349
Oh, and that guy approved :D

I made this athletic room for, what's her face, Mary Baker or something. I just added the furniture to this bedroom. She didn't approve :( There was supposed to be a shower, so I put it in the bathroom, but I guess that's what made her not like it because when I was leaving her house, she walked up to it and started crying.
And you know who that was awkward for? Me. I was just walking downstairs when I heard her crying in the bathroom. Let me tell you, that made me start running like I was being chased by a crazy chainsaw killer.

Anyways, before leaving I had Caitlin call up Justin to meet her at the Little Coriscan Bistro.
(Take a look at the cell phone. See it? Look a little closer... That's right! I got a default replacement! I got it here: http://nene.modthesims.info/download.php?t=369043)

And I guess that's it for Ch. 1 because Blogger isn't letting me post any more pictures and I don't have enough left over to do another chapter xD I'll polish off chapter two tonight, that is if I can get past the slight writer's block I'm having on a script. We're doing movies in school, and I'm my groups appointed 'director.' All filming will be done in school (which is really hard when your movie is about snowboarding (one of the guys in my group refused to let go of the idea)) because a company of sorts is coming in to help us with making them. The same people came in last year and did stop-motion with us, and they have fancy cameras and MACs! :D Anyways, back on topic, I guess this was as good a place as any to end the chapter. It leaves you in suspence of what's going to happen at the Bistro!

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